ConocoPhillips Credit Card


Drivers aren't going to be the only ones to have gasoline cards in their pockets before long. People without cars that need a ride someplace will be able to make a better argument if they are gasoline cardholders as well when they need a ride someplace. The rising cost of oil and gasoline will be in full effect causing everyone who would need to consume even a drop of it to want a gasoline card to keep costs down. It will be even better as the rewards for gasoline cards will rise to include many other things so that using a gasoline card will be even more interesting to say the least.



Let's just say for conversation sake that someone told you that they are saving $1 on each gallon of gasoline by using their gasoline card. Let's just also say that they are able to save up points that will help them be able to take their cream cruise they have wanted to take for many years now. And now we will add one more thing to this story. Let's just say they are also being able to redeem some of their points at different food establishments. Their redeeming points at the different restaurants would have even caused them to be able to get free meals sometimes. How would their card sound to you. Maybe you would think their card is too good to be true? Maybe you would be ready to sign up right away? Maybe you would think both of those things?


Well, let us now go ahead and tell you that the ConocoPhillips Credit Card doesn't any of those things mentioned earlier. If you must know, there aren't really any gasoline cards offering such things at this time. Wouldn't it be nice though if they did offer these types of things? These are the types of things that you find on most other rewards programs of pretty much any kind and brand. Even other gasoline cards happen to offer much more than the ConocoPhillips Credit Card actually. We wanted to give you the hypothetical just to help bring you to the place of disappointment you would be when you are a person who already knows that there are so many other great deals on the market.


What the ConocoPhillips Credit Card offers can really be summed up in just a short sentence or two actually. Within the first three months of having the ConocoPhillips Credit Card you will be given ten cents off per gallon if you purchase at least forty five or more gallons using your card per month. After the first three months you will be able to save five cents on each gallon. Before you start to calculate and think maybe this could become something really great if you travel a great deal, just hang on a moment. You will only receive an account credit for the savings and it only goes up to 110 gallons each month. So really, yes it can be good to at least to save something but this is pretty much all that they offer.